Melanie Pullen – High Fashion Crime Scene

Melanie Pullen (born in New York City, September 10, 1975) is a photographer who currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California.

Pullen’s work has been exhibited internationally, including solo-shows at Ace Gallery, Los Angeles and Ace Gallery, Beverly Hills; White Wall Gallery, Seoul; MiCamera, Milan. Her work has also been included in various museum exhibitions and has been broadly published.



Photographic art

Pullen is most noted for High Fashion Crime Scenes which consists of over one-hundred photographs based on NYPD and LAPD crime scene files.

To create High Fashion Crime Scenes (1995–2005), Pullen employed the services of up to 80 crew members and models per picture, with each image taking up to a month to create, and the series using over $13 million dollars worth of clothing and accessories.

Her photo shoots often resemble movie sets. High Fashion Crime Scenes in particular was directly inspired by cinema and photojournalism.

During her research into crime-scene photography, Pullen became haunted by war imagery. Pullen states,

“As I grew desensitized to domestic crime and violence, I became more sensitized to images of war. It was a strange phenomenon that I’ve explored and philosophized. I don’t like violence, I have never been a dark person. I see stories and different layers to violent imagery. I’m curious about the response people have to violent images.”

This became Pullen’s inspiration for Violent Times her more recent body of work and most elaborate series to date.